Portfolio Development: Addressing Deep Information Processing Skills of Medical Students


  • Marium Sohail Fatima Memorial College, Lahore
  • Amina Ahmad FMH,CMD, Lahore
  • Raheela Yasmin Riphah International University


Background: Portfolio development has an established role in deep learning and continuous professional development. Deep Information Processing (DIP) skills are essential for professional success. This study was undertaken to assess and compare DIP skills of undergraduate medical students who have developed and used learning portfolios to ones who have not, which would act as a baseline for future work.

Study Design: A Quantitative, Ex-Post Facto Causal Comparative research was conducted at Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore, for 2 months.

Methodology: A total of 150 undergraduate students of 2nd Year MBBS were selected using convenience sampling and sorted into two groups (who have developed portfolio and those who have not). After ethical approval & informed consent of participants, data was collected using pre-validated Deep Information Processing skills questionnaire. Data was summarized using descriptive statistics in SPSS V.23. Median and IQR for each group were calculated. Comparison between groups & three domains of DIP skills was done using cross tabulation & Mann-Whitney U test.

Result: A total of 126/150 doctors with 62.7% females and 37.3% males participated in the study (Response-rate=84.6%). The median score of students who developed portfolio ranged between 3-4, 4 & 4 for critical reading, context & content understanding, & finding structure in content domains of DIP skills, as compared to median score between 2-3 for students who did not develop portfolio. There was a statistically significant difference in the DIP skills of the students who developed portfolio (64.6%) as compared to students who did not develop portfolio (34.1%).

Conclusion: Portfolio development is an effective way of inculcating DIP skills in students. DIP skills are more developed in students who had developed portfolio. Critical reading skills are improved more than content understanding & finding structure in content skills.

Key Words:   DIP skills, Medical undergraduates, Portfolio development

Author Biographies

Amina Ahmad, FMH,CMD, Lahore

MBBS, MPhil Education, MCHP-HPE

Head of department, Medical education department,

Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore

Raheela Yasmin, Riphah International University


Head of department, Medical education department,

Riphah International University




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